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CM Consulting

Growth requires multifaceted time management with extensive attention to detail and continual onsight presence, not always feasible for growing companies. Catherine  brings over a decade of international experience to support, navigate, engage and expand your brands presence.

Create-Expand your Vision

Innovative Synergies

  • Currated project connections.

  • Concept design and exploration.

  • Innovative project development.

  • Design engagement.

  • Technological Amplification.

  • Experiential Activations.

Consult-Project Management

Keeping the Plan on Track

  • Providing on-sight presence and communication to maintain project transparency.

  • Syncing Solutions.

  • Steamlined Communication to mitigate challenges.

  • Stakeholder Engagement Support

  • Logistics support-Team & Project.

  • Team Building.

Connect-Stakeholder Engagement

Relationships to Empower your Brand

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Negotiations.

  • Laying the foundation with key stakeholders and projects.

  • Event Roadmap.

  • Trade engagement & Navigation.

  • Media Outreach & Activation.

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